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Seeking: Dry cleaning solvents, water additives or water replacements for use in domestic environments.

Seeking: Textile fiber and coating technologies to repel substances

Seeking novel textile fibers or coating treatments for fibers that could help to repel substances or soilants

Seeking: Replacement or reduction of heavy rare-earth elements in high-temperature permanent magnets.

Seeking: Flexible Piezoresistive Material

Seeking Easy to Clean Coatings for Glass and Metal

Coatings required for glass and/or metals that provide easy to clean properties

Dispersible Extruded Foam Cleaners

Kimberly - Clark Corporation is offering for license patented technology that can be used for skin or hard surface cleaning.

Biofilm Reduction Technology

Technology to reduce health concerns as well as energy inefficiencies.

Seeking: A consulting material specialist or an extrusion engineer to support silicone and fluorinated elastomers co-extrusion manufacturing operation.

This organization is seeking co-extrusion experts of FKM fluoro-elastomer with silicone rubber.

Double-duty soluble electron transport material opens world of printed organic electronics while also usable for vacuum deposition

Antimicrobial, biomass-derived cross-linked polymers for personal-care products use inexpensive sugars as feedstock

Antimicrobial polymers from biomass