Supply Chain Planning today is still based on old methods and standards that are widely supported by various commercial software products.

These products are closely tied to the old way of planning that was developed in a world in which the technological advances that we know today were unfathomable.

As a result, they suffer from the following pitfalls:

  • They run in a hierarchical, serial, batch mode, leading to plans being out of date for long periods
  • They come with a limited set of pre-defined, locked-in algorithms that cannot be improved or swapped
  • They cannot take advantage of new signals and events in the supply chain without bolt-on post-processing

The organization has strong reasons to believe that the way to rescue supply chain planning from the past is through a paradigm shift toward the use of crowdsourced building blocks instead of locked solutions that are tied to specific technology providers.

They believe in the possibility of continuous, event-based planning via configurable, smart, and interactive software modules (such as, but not limited to intelligent agents, algorithms, etc.) able to generate and update plans at all stages of the supply chain real-time in a distributed model.

Such a system would be horizontally extendable to take advantage of new events and signals and could be optimized at the global and local levels to achieve the desired business results.

The challenge found when it comes to implementing this vision is with harvesting the said building blocks (e.g., configurable modules) that can be stitched together for a complete, end-to-end solution.

This is the only way to achieve the goal that is economically viable, as opposed to building them each from scratch.


What we are looking for…

We are interested in the following types of responses:

  • Existing software entities that deliver one or more of the above capabilities, or other supporting functions
  • Potential ecosystem components that can communicate via open standards
  • Solutions with documented industry case studies that can be shared
  • Systems with the potential to scale

What we are not looking for…

  • Offers for consultation or expert advice alone
  • Solutions that cannot be purchased or licensed for use
  • Conceptual designs or frameworks that have not been vetted in industry

Desired Outcome:           

We are searching for plug-in software that can perform one or more of the following functions:

  • Demand Management Distribution Network Planning Production Planning Transportation Planning Material Supply Management
  • Multi-Model Statistical Forecasting Inventory Allocation and Optimization Resource Scheduling (Lines and Unit Ops) Transport Route Optimization Supplier Material Schedules
  • Promotion and Event Management Network Balancing Capacity Evaluation (Auto-Levelling) Truck Load Planning and Load Building Material Plan Sufficiency
  • Initiative Planning Phase-In and Phase-Out Rough-Cut Capacity Planning Transportation Forecasting Material Change Management
  • Forecast Accuracy What-If Analysis Site-Level Initiative Planning
  • Event/Signal Processing

Desired Timeframe: Within 3 months

Annual Revenue: More Than $500 Million

Company Type: Commercial (Publicly Held)

Field of Use and Intended Application: Supply Chain – planning systems

Licensing Terms:

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