Seeking: Surface treatments to make cleaning glass or metal surfaces easier.  Specifically, this organization would like coatings or treatments that would allow an end user to easily remove spilled or caked debris without damaging the aesthetics of the substrate surface.  Ideal solutions would be applied prior to metal fabrication or glass tempering.


This organization is seeking a high-heat tolerant coating or surface treatment that would provide easy-to-clean properties to metal and/or glass substrates.  The treatment or coating should be capable of providing a water contact angle of greater than 100° while withstanding operating temperatures of greater than 350°C for glass or 300°C for metals.  Ideal solutions will also allow the manufacturer to apply the treatment prior to metal fabrication or glass hardening processes, including but not limited to tempering.


Manufactured glass and metal products often come into contact with contaminants that may become hardened or caked on the surface, decreasing functionality and appearance.  Surface treatments, such as hydrophobic coatings, provide some promise for rendering such surfaces easy to clean, however, many coatings are not able to withstand exposure to high operating temperatures without performance degradation.  This organization would like to achieve easy-to-clean surface functionality that can withstand prolonged use at elevated temperatures as well as the challenges of part manufacture.


Solutions should:

  • Be compatible with application to glass, glass ceramic and/or metal.
  • Be compatible with operating temperatures of greater than 350°C (preferably up to 650°C) for glass substrates and 300° – 400°C for metal substrates.
  • Provide a water contact angle greater than 100°.
  • Minimize surface energy.
  • Be compatible with application prior to the glass tempering process or the part fabrication.
  • Use ingredients that are food safe and food compliant or use materials that are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).
  • Be able to be implemented in a repeatable fashion in a manufacturing environment.

Possible Solution Areas

Solution areas of interest include but are not limited to hydrophobic, non-stick, and oleophobic coatings.  Additional solutions may include surface modification (such as a synthetic lotus leaf pattern) or coating additives that would provide functionality or durability.

Desired outcome of the solution

Looking for partners to supply or further develop an existing surface modification technology or coating.  Solutions of initial interest will be tested on various substrates for functionality and performance.