The company is looking for a device that consumers can use to easily measure the component ingredients (calories, sugar, lipids, vitamins, etc.) of foods and beverages. Such device should be commercialized for general consumers by 2020.


It is expected that consumers will need to easily measure the calories, sugars, lipids, vitamins, etc. of foods and drinks to help maintain everyday health in the future.

We are considering offering new services by combining such measurement devices with food and drink.

We are looking forward to receiving proposals on ingredient measuring devices that can be commercialized for consumers by 2020.


Measuring food and drink:

  • A portable device that simply measures calories, sugars, lipids, vitamin levels, etc. The device should be simple to operate and easy to understand.

We do not place any constraints on the type of deal

Possible solution areas:

Medical and healthcare industry

Desired Timeframe:

Within 12 months

Field Of Use and Intended Application:

Medical and healthcare industry

Desired Outcome:

Your proposed solution must have practical tolerance/accuracy.