This company is looking for foods/beverages, ingredients, supplements, and similar food products or additives that can contribute to providing a better sleep experience.


In the developed world, we are subject to a stressful environment that easily can lead to bad sleep. As a result, we may suffer from fatigue during the day.

This company wants to find foods, ingredients, additives, supplements, and similar food products that help provide better sleep.

A variety of such ingredients is sought, with effectiveness in one or more areas such as the following:

  • Making it easy to fall asleep
  • Maintaining good sleep (No waking during the night’s sleep)
  • Providing a restful feeling after a full night’s sleep, without waking too early
  • Deep sleep
  • Having an easy awakening with refreshed feeling
  • Less fatigue in the morning
  • Normalizing rhythm of the daily life/body clock In order to achieve the above, the company are interested in ingredients which will, for example,
  • Suppress the nerves of the sympathetic component and enhance the nerves of the parasympathetic component of the autonomic nervous system.
  • Increase the amount of GABA or serotonin inside the brain, which works in an inhibitory way, and simultaneously inhibit those neurotransmitters that act to excite the nervous system.
  • Decrease deep-body temperature.

This company wants to identify foods and ingredients with quantifiable effects. Any ingredient or mechanism of action will be considered at this stage of the search even those with unexpected or unusual mechanisms of action.


The ingredient will need to be approved by food safety authorities in several countries.

There should be evidence for your ingredient’s efficacy and understanding of its mechanism of action.

For example, there are some potential ingredients such as GABA, Theanine, or glycine, but some evidence is needed to support the efficacy.

Possible solution areas:

  • Food/beverage/healthcare industry
  • Nutrition research

Desired Outcome:

The proposed solution will have been tested on food and be safe for consumption. Ideally it will be ready to be added and tested within a wide range of recipes.

Desired Timeframe: Within 12 months

Annual Revenue: More Than $500 Million

Company Type: Commercial (Publicly Held)

Field of Use and Intended Application: Nutrional/herb use in foods and beverages

Licensing Terms:
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