This organization is seeking functionalized nanomaterials that can be incorporated into sizing to improve interfacial adhesion and surface chemistry of fiber reinforced polymers.

Companies with expertise in stabilizing and solubilizing nanomaterials are required for successful formulation, and preference will be given to companies with an interest in collaborating on the incorporation of nanomaterials into sizing, particularly for applications with nylon.


The mechanical properties of thermoplastic composites depend upon the interfacial adhesion generated between the polymer resin and fiber.

Functionalized nanomaterials offer an opportunity to improve the interfacial adhesion and surface chemistry of thermoplastic composites, but nanomaterials have historically suffered from limited solubility and stability in solution as well as agglomeration.

Though progress has been made in creating lab scale dispersed or pelletized nanomaterials, additional efforts are needed in addressing the challenges of scale-up and repeatability.

Flexible formatting of nanomaterials compatible with water-based polymer emulsification and compounding processes are of high interest.

Nanomaterials should be:      

  • In a format compatible with addition to polyurethane dispersion sizing or water-based nylon emulsions
  • Capable of improving mechanical properties (tensile strength, impact resistance, compressibility) of nylon/glass composites by 10% – 50%
  • Compatible with production at industrial scales
  • Stable through polymer emulsification and compounding steps
  • Sufficient quality control to ensure repeatability and product consistency

Desired Outcome:

Solutions may include functionalized nanomaterials dispersed into water or polymers (ideally thermoplastic but also thermoset or their precursor monomers) or pelletized.

Nanomaterials pre-compounded or chemically incorporated into resins or unique processes for stabilizing nanomaterials in a resin emulsion are also of interest.

Previously Attempted Solutions:

This organization has not previously incorporated nanomaterials into sizings.

Desired Timeframe: Within 6 months

Annual Revenue: More Than $500 Million

Company Type: Commercial (Publicly Held)

Field of Use and Intended Application: Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic or thermoset composites

Licensing Terms:

The organization will be responsible for a success fee to should a deal result from their introduction to this TechNeed.