First responders must enter unfamiliar buildings under sub-optimal conditions.  Accurate tracking of personnel is essential for both safety and fast response, and localization and tracking systems (LTS) assist in this process.  While technologies for pinpointing and tracking personnel exist, there is the opportunity to improve upon the accuracy and efficiency of both operational systems and reference systems.  This organization would like to identify the current limits of existing operational and reference LTS and work with solution providers to improve accuracy.  Future ideal solutions would provide both first responders and command centers highly pinpointed personnel location and allow continued real-time tracking during realistic movement of personnel.


  • Real-time tracking and localization are preferred.
  • Enabling devices may be worn on first responders or operated remotely.
  • Ideal solutions would provide localization data to both deployed first responders and command centers.
  • Reference systems would enable accurate test and measurement of operational LTS performance while allowing subjects to move through a relevant test environment with realistic motions typical of first responder operations.

Desired outcome of the solution:

A real-time operational localization and tracking system for precise pinpointing of personal and a reference system for testing LTS accuracy.

Field of use and intended applications:

Indoor personnel localization and tracking use by first responders and command centers.