Due in large part to the adoption of energy efficient, but highly reflective “low-e” glass windows, an increasing number of home windows and building façades reflect solar radiation onto the owners property and neighboring property and streets. These reflections are called “heat glare.” The result is higher, uncomfortable ambient temperatures at ground level.  In extreme cases, this heat becomes concentrated enough to melt vinyl siding or car interiors!

This innovative retro-reflective window film offers interior comfort and an improved exterior thermal environment by reflecting near infrared upward to the sky.

Benefits Summary:

  • Spectrally-selective upward reflection, thanks to its saw-tooth embedded microstructure
  • Blocks 70% of near infrared rays and 99.5% of UV light entering a room
  • Natural daylight: 68% of visible light to passes through gives a “well lit room” experience
  • Safety: Prevents broken glass from scattering or falling
  • Easy installation: To interior side of  window, just like conventional solar control film

Development Summary:


IP Summary:

8 granted US patents

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