This organization is seeking co-extrusion experts of FKM fluoro-elastomer with silicone rubber. Their expertise should cover compounding, formulation, and also insight into relevant co-extrusion machinery. In particular interest will be consulting material specialists (with experience in eg. adhesion promotion, Henn connectors, vulcanizations, shelf-life control, etc), and/or extrusion engineers (with experience in eg. hose design, PPAP qualification, cap-end tool design, product transfer from R&D to production, etc.).

The ideal candidate must have experience in more than one of the following areas:

For material specialist:

  • Cost competitive co-extrusion rubber formulation and shelf life control (fluorocarbon and/or Silicone) for diesel engine turbo charge air hoses
  • Promoting adhesion strategy between peroxide curable FKM and silicone
  • Robust rubbers on hoses assembled with Henn connectors
  • Co-extrusion rubber vulcanization in steam autoclave

For Extrusion engineer:

  • Familiar with co-extrusion (Fluorocarbon and Si) equipment and process on fibre yarn reinforcement rubber hose production line.
  • Experience with setup of LUCAS or KMC knitting Machine integrated in the co-extrusion operation.
  • Capable of troubleshooting processing and operation complications.
  • Provide engineering hose product design, prototyping and PPAP qualification to customer specifications.
  • Solid knowledge of complex shaped hose form tool design with multiple bends, experience with cap-end tool design preferred.
  • Provide tooling proposals and layouts based on product design.
  • Familiar with autoclave vulcanization of rubber hose products.
  • Perform testing, research and precisely analyze data to ensure successful product development
  • Support products transferred from R&D to Production Launch
  • Solid Work or other 3D CAD design experience required
  • 5 years of experience in automotive, co-extrusion manufacturing industry preferred