This company is looking for foods/beverages, ingredients, supplements, and similar food products or additives that can help prevent or alleviate rapid rising and descending of postprandial blood glucose level.


Recent studies have revealed that even among people who are not diabetic, there is a phenomenon that blood glucose levels rise sharply for “only a short time after meals,” although the fasting and other glucose levels are within a normal range. If this phenomenon continues, it is said that it will cause diseases such as diabetes in the medium to long term. Also, in the short term, there is a risk of drowsiness and decreased concentration. This is due to the excessive decrease in blood glucose level due to the sudden secretion of insulin levels in the blood after a rapid increase in blood glucose level after meals.

In order to solve this problem, we are looking for functional ingredients for beverages and foods that can prevent, control, and improve the rapid rise and fall of blood glucose level after meals.

For example, we are looking for functional materials containing various ingredients with effectiveness in the following areas. As long as your proposal is for a material that prevents, controls, or improves rapid rise and fall of blood glucose levels after meals, there is no limitation to the following areas.

  1. Material that lowers blood glucose level by promoting insulin secretion

    • Incretin formulation-like action, GLP-1 receptor stimulation, GLP-1 secretion promotion, DPP-4 inhibition etc.
    • Immediate Insulin secretion promoting action, Grinide drug etc.
    • SU agent-like action
  2. Material that lowers blood glucose level by promoting sugar use inside organs/cells

    • PPAR gamma activation
    • Promotion of GLUT 4 transition
    • Increase in number of mitochondria
  3. Material that reduces the blood sugar level at the next meal by the “second meal effect.”

    • Materials that have an effect on meals taken several hours after the material intake (e.g. beta-glucan etc.)


  • Your ingredient will need to be approved by food safety authorities in major countries in the USA, Europe and Japan.
  • You should have some evidence for your ingredient’s efficacy and an understanding of its mechanism of action.
  • We also want to obtain information on the timing of ingestion (single, continuous, pre-meal, during meal, after meal, or optional) or information on the estimated ingestion timing.
  • There is no constraint on the form of transaction such as material supply or license.
  • We are looking for materials NOT for pharmaceuticals, but for beverages and foods.

Possible solution areas:

Food/beverage/healthcare industry