This organization is seeking methods or leading edge technologies and companies in the functional nanocoatings space. This includes next-generation functional nanocoating opportunities with self-healing, thermochromic, and/or super-hydrophobic properties. Additional functionalities are in scope but are lower priority. These may include anti-fouling & antimicrobial properties (excluding silver and zinc oxide). Preference will be given to technologies capable of withstanding high temperatures.


Home surfaces are subjected to abrasive forces, cleaning products, fingerprints, etc. that can result in an unaesthetic appearance and shorter product lifetime. This organization is seeking high-temperature-resistant nanocoatings with added functionalities to improve consumer experience.


Your proposed solution MUST:

  • Provide multiple functionalities, including some combination of self-healing, thermochromic, anti-fouling & antimicrobial (6 log bacterial reduction; exclusive of silver and zinc-oxide based solutions), and superhydrophobic properties.
  • Be able to withstand temperatures of -150-1100oC (not necessarily inclusive depending on application; highest priority for 350-800oC).
  • Be ready for manufacture in the next 2 years.
  • Have samples available.
  • Additional considerations include:
    • Manufacturing feasibility
    • Cost and quality
    • Time to market
    • Global market opportunities

Your proposed solution SHOULD:

  • Be food safe for direct food-contact applications.
  • Withstand typical coating testing modalities when applied to 3D surfaces.


Possible Solution Areas:

Possible solutions may include commercial or near-term commercial products that have the potential to withstand up to 800oC currently or with minimal improvements. Solutions may offer some combination of functionalities to improve consumer experience.

Desired outcome of the solution:

Looking for technologies that may be applied to consumer surfaces in the next two years.

Field of use and intended applications:

Coatings for easy-to-clean consumer applications.