This organization is seeking leading edge portable power technologies that enable its products to operate using electricity, in areas that do not have access to a wall socket. There is interest in learning about the opportunities but also the limitations of the current state of the art. Focus will be on a portable device that operates under a 3-7 days on a continuous low/medium power consumption mode.


The portable power solution should:

  • Offers sufficient power supply: 0.12 kWh/day (for 3-7 days, i.e. 0.36- 0.84 kWh total)
  • Enable to power the device remotely during a full cycle (3-7 days).
  • Should be mature enough to be implemented in products today or be within one year of being launched into products.

Strong preference for sustainable solutions

Possible Solution Areas:

Possible solutions may include battery technologies that have the potential to power devices from low to high wattage over a few days. Concept for base or charging station will be also investigated. Solutions based on solar, thermal or kinetic power are also in scope.

Desired outcome of the solution:

This organization would like to identify portable power technologies that may be applied to multiple consumer products that may use low power or high power to create value.  Key information should include:

  • Size
  • Cost
  • Power
  • Charge Duration
  • Life Duration
  • Recharging Time
  • Sustainability Information
  • Battery Limitations
  • Certifications