This organization is seeking textile fiber and coating technologies as well as research related to repelling substances other than water (oils, proteins, etc.), reducing adhesion of substances through inherent properties of the fiber, and/or reducing adhesion of substances through application of energy (heat, radiation, vibration, etc.).


Innovations in the textile industry to enhance ease of cleaning include the creation of synthetic fibers that have additional functionality such as preventing or reducing adhesion to “soil” (oils, proteins, etc.) through the inherent design of the fiber, the addition of a functional coating, or the application of energy to remove foreign substances. Both innovative textile fiber or coating technologies would be of interest from any level of development (research and/or commercial).


Components will:

  • Be subject to environment conditions of consumer clothing/household linens (temperature range, humidity, physical stresses, etc.)
  • Hydrophobic coatings or fibers are not within scope.
  • Fibers and coating technologies must be for residential use such as clothing, towels, bed sheets etc. Technical fibers for industrial applications (for example, fibers to be woven into sails or covers for cars) are not within scope.

Possible Solution Areas:

Possible solutions may include coatings and innovative fibers that repel or prevent adherence of substances or have repellent properties when energy is applied.

Desired outcome of the solution:

Looking for partners to test or co-develop fiber technology.

Field of use and intended applications:

Fibers to be incorporated in residential clothing or household textiles.