• Client uses hi-tech materials to provide products and hostile environmental conditions e.g. high temperature, high pressure, corrosive environments
  • The area of material science is such a large area, that it can be difficult for them to see beyond large companies in their industry when looking for cutting edge solutions

yet2 Strategy and Role:

  • Continually scouting for solutions since early 2014
  • yet2 Iterative process: Explore and refine technologies in areas known and unknown to client, staying at cutting edge. This allows yet2 to understand complex client needs and have a high hit rate of interesting companies for client to engage with
  • Explored multiple areas e.g. high performance polymers, metallurgy, coatings, composites and additive manufacturing
  • Work to answer client questions and co-ordinate early-stage potential partnership conversations e.g. NDAs, anonymous samples and driving partnership discussion


  • Since 2014, yet2 have identified, interviewed and presented 100s of emerging technologies to our client, whilst allowing them to stay anonymous
  • Client has directly engaged with around 25% of companies we have presented to them, many of which are still of high-interest and are undergoing resourced evaluation by our client


  • Strategic DealFlow Service allows client to anonymously stay at the cutting edge of fast-moving materials science space. Iterative process allows yet2 to have complex understanding of the clients’ needs and identify a high number of on-target companies