Press Releases

3/28/2016 Naturipe Blue Challenge Semi-Finalists Move One Step Closer Toward Transforming the Future of Automated Blueberry Harvesting

06/01/2014 and Unilever introduce Open Innovation portals to technology innovators

06/25/2013: Elmer’s® Accepting Idea Submissions through New Open Innovation Web Portal

01/25/2013: open for business in Ohio as Ohio Third Frontier partner

10/12/2012: Awarded Open Innovation and Technology Scouting Services Contract by NASA Johnson Space Center

08/21/2012: wins $2 million Open Innovation contract with State of Ohio

06/12/2012: launches premium technology scouting service for strategic growth

01/18/2012: and Innoget expand alliance in Europe

10/11/2011: and Laser Consult Ltd. strengthen their strategic partnership by closing their first successful technology transfer deal

10/03/2011: Mobeam Closes Initial Venture Round

05/20/2011: ZetrOZ Wins's Step2Change Technology Competition!

01/19/2011: forms yet2Ventures investment fund and teams up with Japan's JAIC

10/21/2010: and partnership aims to place Asia onto the Innovation World Map

03/19/2010: Sponsors RadTech Technology Award

01/28/2010: and Innoget form alliance

07/20/2009: starts venture investing

06/15/2009: announces anonymous patent acquisition practice

05/29/2009: Drayton Weissenfels Inc & Canadian Business in association with & OCETA launch the "Clean 15" Canadian cleantech competition

03/23/2009: announces areas of high IP interest for 2009

12/15/2008: finds customers and develops business for Electro-Petroleum, enabling commercialization of their clean-tech oil-recovery technology

02/11/2008: Benjamin F. duPont Joins MSCI Inc. Board of Directors

02/07/2008: Announces Record Quarter

11/30/2007: Midwest IP Marketplace and Announce Partnership

11/05/2007: facilitates DSM investment into Ganeden Biotech

08/01/2007: Environmentally Friendly Technology to Bring Automotive Jobs to Ohio

08/01/2007: Places Inventor's Music-Finding Technology

03/27/2007: Preservation Sciences Announces It Has Retained to Sell Beverage Preservation Technology

02/15/2007: licenses David Lilenfeld's Computer Mouse Patent Portfolio to Anonymous Buyer

01/30/2007: Analytic Capital LLC and Partner to Improve and Market Underutilized, Non-Core, and Orphaned Technology Assets

12/15/2006: Enhanced Molding Solutions, Portugal, Closes Licensing Deal on US Medical Device Technology for Childbirth via

12/13/2006: Competitive Technologies and Announce Strategic Alliance

10/31/2006: yet2 Finds ETA Associates an 8-Year Development Agreement with Diod for Conductive Polymer Coatings

07/30/2006: JPB Enterprises closes Licensing Deal on Wireless Networking Technology via yet2

06/16/2006: ITTC Bridges Chinese-American Technology Transfer with yet2

04/16/2006: DuPont Closes Licensing Deal on DNA Technology via yet2

04/16/2006: yet2 Reaches out to Middle-Market Companies at Investment Bank Roadshow