yet2 Leverages Its Open Innovation Experience to Generate Strategic Technology Deal Flow for Its Clients

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Since 1999, yet2 has scouted for, negotiated, and closed hundreds of deals, bringing our Open Innovation clients hundreds of millions of dollars in value and exceptional new technologies to meet both tactical and strategic goals. Our services can directly fuel clients' bottom-line growth AND speed time to market. We’d like to do the same thing for your company.

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yet2 sits at the center of a vibrant, global technology bazaar. We know the market — what is selling and what won’t sell; we've worked both sides of technology deals; we expertly articulate technology value propositions and sift through potential candidate solutions and sellers; we advise on patent strategies, and more. And, when appropriate, we connect clients to tech investment opportunities through our partner, yet2Ventures.

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Let us use our extensive worldwide network of technologists to identify the cutting-edge partners who can provide key platforms for your growth over the next 5-10 years. Contact us today:


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Idea Submission Portal Management

Environmentally friendly electro-magnetic actuators, developed by a smaller organization.

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For examples of what we can do for clients, please see one or more of our case studies:

Case Study: Read how yet2 clarified MoBeam's business model and connected them to ten major consumer products companies..

Case Study: Read our case study to learn how yet2 helped Canadian partner Clean15 quickly grow into a major regional technology player.

Case Study: Complex deposition coating technology: yet2 builds rich solution-provider landscape map, helps resolve IP issues for one large consumer products company..

Case Study: Cleaning technology: yet2 broadens a search from simple bathroom-scrubbing to anti-fouling technologies, yields 500 leads..