2016, The Year of Machine Learning

As we head further into the new year, yet2 is continually looking for new ways to provide insights into our varied capabilities. The talented project team in our Europe office have put together a brief article around the kinds of work we have been engaged in throughout 2016, and we are keen to get your feedback around parallels between our work and your needs.

Machine learning is method of giving computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Algorithms are able to iteratively learn from data to find hidden insights without being programmed where to look, learning and improving each time they do so.

yet2 have experienced many clients over the years wishing to utilize this technology for their industry, and the implications for their use are huge. In 2016, we helped our clients employ machine learning in a few ways:

  • We helped an automotive company find machine learning technology that could intelligently learn and recognize objects using sensors on the vehicle, increasing their usefulness without increasing sensor complexity.
  • A healthcare company required a way to analyze the noise made by a person’s breathing to assess their health, yet2 located machine learning specialists that will use the technology to extract useful data from sound and potentially predict diseases.
  • Oil and gas companies can use machine learning in a variety of ways – we helped our clients connect with data scientists using it to find new energy sources and analyze the contents of minerals in the ground.

Keep an eye out for more updates from the yet2 team in the future, and in the meantime please feel free to be in touch with any questions, or sign up for our monthly Innovation Newsletter.