A follow-up trip to Europe

Further to our last post on 17th March the yet2 team has been working together with the business to plan another successful European trip, and establish further contact with key clients whilst learning more about new opportunities.

Our CEO, Tim Bernstein, will be in Benelux at the beginning of May; our Vice President, Bob Miller, will be in Belgium next week, and our European Managing Director, Ed De Paz, will be in Germany & Switzerland at the end of this month. In typical yet2 fashion, we will be meeting with a variety of organizations in different sectors to build on existing relationships and exhibit our unique offering to new ones.

Similar to our last post we have included some key points below about our offering & capabilities, to help our diverse audience learn more:

  • We offer a full range of innovation services – technology scouting, start up/small company sourcing, OI portal management, out-licensing, and anonymous patent buying just to name a few – designed to specifically help our clients grow their business while protecting their interests and assets.
  • We have cross-industry expertise.  Recent successful projects include scouting for high temperature coatings, a tour of west coast biotechnologies, ongoing strategic scouting for digestive health ingredients, ongoing patent portfolio monitoring in healthcare, and sourcing of partners performing simulation services for manufacturing.
  • yet2 doesn’t just provide a list of technologies. We offer end-to-end innovation support from challenge definition to scouting to facilitation of engagement with promising partners – our high touch approach has been honed over 18 years to bring the maximum value to our clients.

In advance of these trips yet2 would be delighted to hear from you, we can plan a quick call in advance and meet in one of the destinations set out above. We look forward to receiving your comments and helping on the path to continual effective innovation.