A successful trip to Europe

With a return visit soon to follow

Back in February a yet2 team that included Tim Bernstein, CEO; Edward de Paz, yet2 Europe Managing Director; and Callum Wood; Senior Project Leader visited The Netherlands to build on some of our most important and valued relationships with clients.

Alongside meeting with some familiar faces, yet2 took the opportunity to build new relationships with a diverse set of companies where we exhibited our varied capabilities and demonstrated how engagement with yet2 delivers a unique model with a clearly demonstrated tangible impact.

A key part of engagement with yet2 is the confidentiality that we guarantee for our clients to ensure every party in the process gets the most out of our iterative approach. Though we cannot share specifics of who we met with in Europe, we have included some key points that provide an insight into the kinds of projects we work on and our resulting versatility across a variety of industries and corporate needs.

  • We offer a full range of innovation services – technology scouting, start up/small company sourcing, OI portal management, out-licensing, and anonymous patent buying just to name a few – designed to specifically help our clients grow their business while protecting their interests and assets.
  • Our vetted and experienced scouting experts operate cross-regionally and cross-functionally, allowing us to benefit from a board global perspective while operating in a highly-collaborative peer network (offices in Boston, Liverpool, and Tokyo).
  • Far beyond simply providing a list of raw leads, yet2 partners with our clients to work together through the identification, vetting, and initial interaction phases of every lead provided, resulting in an average of at least 5 high interest leads per project.


We are pleased to announce that after such a successful trip, yet2 will be back in Europe in April & May. If you are company based in Germany, Switzerland or Denmark and you think we could help you deliver against your strategy for the coming year please feel free to get in touch, we’d love to find a time to come meet with you.

Moving forward, yet2 is excited to be building new relationships – and strengthening existing ones – as we continue to grow our presence in the European market. Get in touch today to see how yet2 can work with your organization to help you successfully execute on all your innovation opportunities.