A Unique Thank You for Tech Scouting

How do you say thank you in business? Do you send a gift basket? Do you send a written thank you note? Do you just send an email?

In our role as technology scouts, we get a lot of thank yous. Most of them come from clients for completing projects quickly and successfully. Sometimes we get thanks from the startups, innovators and inventors we connect with our clients. Cards and notes are appreciated. When possible, we put testimonials on our website. And back in the days when we were in our offices in Waltham, Mass., Tokyo, Nottingham, and Liverpool, we always enjoyed gift baskets and treats.

But a recent thank you really stands out.

DisSolves is a company on a mission to change the way the world uses drink mixes. It offers all natural, edible packaging in individual, easy-to-use pods. We recently facilitated an introduction between them and one of our clients.

yet2 gets trees planted through the National Forest Foundation as a thank you
Image credit: National Forest Foundation

After the introductory call, our team members received an email from DisSolves CEO, Jared Raszewski, letting them know that the company made donations to have indigenous trees planted in National Forests for each of the team members. The company participates in a small business partnership with the National Forest Foundation.

yet2 works on many tech scouting projects that are seeking innovations to further sustainability,” said Congcong Xue, associate project leader, yet2. “While every thank you is appreciated, DisSolves’ thank you of planting trees for our team members on this project – myself included – is both unique and fitting. Not to mention, it’s very cool to say I have a tree in my honor!”

We’d like to add our thanks to team members Hat Sawaengsri, Paula Quintana and Congcong for a job well done!

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