Seeking: Global Wine Database

Seeking global partners that have an extensive wine and wineries database

Seeking: Reusable water filters for removing particulate matter

Seeking: Immunity-Boosting Products

A yet2 client is seeking novel products and ingredients that boost immunity

Seeking: Novel Sealing or Closure Technologies for Thin Edible Material

Our client is seeking technologies capable of sealing or closing the end of edible tubing in an industrial environment.

Mondelez Innovation Portal

Seeking: Macronutrient Test to Provide Health Insights

Macronutrient Test for Health Insights

Seeking: Functional sugars that help prevent obesity or rapidly rising blood glucose

Biofilm Reduction Technology

Technology to reduce health concerns as well as energy inefficiencies.

Genetic modification causes soybeans and other oil-producing plants to increase quantities of Delta-8 desaturase, for EPA and DHA food supplements

Key genetic manipulation produces large quantities of pure EPA and DHA from renewable yeast culture at industrial scales