Tech Offering: Water-repellent, Fluor-free, Super-hydrophobic coatings technology

Seeking: Electrical Tape

a yet2 client is seeking electrical tape

Tech Offering: Highly Stretchable, Resilient Elastomer (mSIS)

A yet2 client is seeking feedback on a highly stretchable, resilient elastomer

Seeking: Non-fossil Cyclic Compound with Heterocyclic Ring, Aromatic Ring or Alicyclic Ring in the Backbone

A yet2 client is seeking non-fossil cyclic compound with heterocyclic ring, aromatic ring, or alicyclic ring in the backbone

Seeking: Methods for Accurately Detecting a Hole Through Multiple Metal Layers

Methods for accurately detecting a hole through multiple metal layers

Activated carbon from rice husks provide superior substrates for palladium and other catalysts in organic syntheses

Newly developed supported-metal catalysts use highly porous carbon made from rice husks as their supporting substrate

Offering: Window film reflects high-angle solar heat rays back to the sky rather than warming nearby ground

Industrial quantities now available of totally new hydrophobic ether solvent, environmentally green, that replaces THF, MTBE, Dioxane, and other existing solvents

Green solvent replacement

Dispersible Extruded Foam Cleaners

Kimberly - Clark Corporation is offering for license patented technology that can be used for skin or hard surface cleaning.

Biofilm Reduction Technology

Technology to reduce health concerns as well as energy inefficiencies.