We are looking for functional ingredients for beverages and foods. These functional ingredients will prevent, mitigate, or improve leaky gut syndrome. (We are not interested in materials for medicines.)


Leaky Gut Syndrome is not a disease but a set of symptoms where bowel mucosa are damaged enough to leave holes in the intestinal wall and, as a result, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, harmful substances, and undigested protein can leak out of the intestines and invade the body and blood.

For example, normal proteins are usually broken down in the stomach and intestines and eventually metabolized to amino acids, but with some disorders in the intestinal environment, the protein that should be metabolized to amino acids is left undigested. Such protein invades the blood from the open intestinal wall, which is thought to cause food allergies and the like.

Therefore, we are looking for functional ingredients for beverages and foods to prevent, mitigate, or improve Leakey Gut Syndrome. (We are not looking for materials for pharmaceuticals.)

We are seeking functional materials that contain ingredients with effectiveness in the following items.

  • Materials that can prevent/improve leaky gut condition(i.e. collapse of intestinal barrier function)
    • Strengthen intestinal barrier function (tight junction)
    • Prevent the collapse of the intestinal barrier function (tight junction) during exposure to causal materials
    • Improve failed intestinal barrier function (tight junction)
    • Prevent and ameliorate the state of leaky gut in any other situation
  • Materials that can ease and improve the rise in blood LPS (Lipopolysaccharide) concentration caused by Leaky Gut syndrome.


  • Your ingredient will need to be approved by food safety authorities in the USA, Japan, and major countries in EU.
  • You should have some evidence for your ingredient’s efficacy and an understanding of its mechanism of action.
  • We also hope to evaluate material samples. Please let us know if you can provide samples.
  • We do not place any constraints on the type of deal, including material supply or technology license.
  • We are looking for materials NOT for pharmaceuticals, but for beverages and foods.

Possible solution areas:

Food/beverage/healthcare industry