Zeon is producing industrial quantities of cyclopentyl methyl ether — CPME. CPME is a totally new hydrophobic ether solvent made using Zeon’s unique synthesis. It is applicable as a green (environmental) replacement for Tetrahydrofuran (THF), Methyl Ter-Butyl Ether (MTBE), Dioxane, and other solvents. Currently, CPME is used primarily in the pharma industry, where product purity is of paramount importance, but many additional applications are possible where it can save money, energy, and help produce a purer product.

CPME can reduce process costs because it causes much fewer impurities in the reaction process than any other solvent — impurities such as peroxide, which is created by THF. Impurities must be removed from the final product by additional manufacturing steps and expense. By using CPME, processes can be simplified, wastewater and emissions reduced, and the final product of the reaction can be produced more quickly, simply, and inexpensively.

CPME simplifies processes

Applications include: reactions such as Grignard Reaction, Suzuki Coupling, Buchwald Amination, Metal Reductions, Reactions with n-BuLi, Reactions with Lewis Acid, Friedel Crafts Reactions; extractions, crystallizations, polymerizations, and coatings.

Several peer-reviewed papers have investigated the use and high performance of CPME — as an environmentally green substitute for the extraction of carotenoids; to extract transition metal ions in a liquid-liquid extraction process; to extract lipids from oleaginous yeast to make a biomass-sustainable aviation fuel; and as a green co-solvent that inhibits the formation of resins, condensation products, and humins in the production of furfural.

Cyclopentyl methyl ether is a commercial product available from Zeon. Zeon can supply samples.

Benefits Summary

Cyclopentyl methyl ether — a new, environmentally green, hydrophobic solvent that substitutes for THF, MTBE, Dioxane and others.

  • Simplifies reactions. Reduces impurities (such as peroxide) and wastewater. Low heat of vaporization saves energy.
  • Decomposes promptly. Operationally efficient, and environmentally safe.
  • Easy and safe to handle, mixes with many organic solvents, dissolves pollutant substances such as fats, oils, waxes, and natural resins. more

Development Summary

Already in industrial production using Zeon’s proprietary synthesis process.

IP Summary

This technology is supported by 2 US patents and 1 European patent. more