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Mondelēz International is looking for technologies that can be applied to direct food contact packaging, both flexible and rigid, capable of reducing or eliminating viruses and other external pathogens on the packaging surface.


Anti-viral technology for packaging would be a significant step forward in increasing consumer confidence when purchasing & handling consumer goods packages. The increasing potential for viral contamination is forcing consumers to be wary of handling products that may have been handled by store personnel or other consumers. Anti-viral packaging technology would allow consumers to confidently choose those products with the least risk of further contamination & eliminate any need for package cleanup when arriving at home.

Key Success Criteria

  • Approved for direct food contact
  • Safe for humans and animals
  • Kills viruses or other pathogens upon contact in a very short period of time (or other method of action)
  • Doesn’t require development of new packaging materials or processes
  • Doesn’t negatively impact recyclability or other sustainability factors
  • Affordable at scale


Possible Approaches

  • Package coating
  • Integration into packaging materials
  • Innovative new materials or processes


Preferred Collaboration Types

Open to most types of engagements, but looking for ready-to-commercialize or late phase development solutions

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