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Zeon’s new transparent Quintier EV and SV polymers absorb oxygen. Mixed with another resin such as EVOH, Quintier EV creates a material that acts as a superior oxygen barrier at room temperature. It is as effective as aluminum packaging — less than 0.1 cc/m2/day permeability at atmospheric pressure. Unlike aluminum, the material is both transparent and can be microwaved. Mixed with nylon, Quintier SV acts as an oxygen absorber in food packaging and withstands higher temperatures. Quintier can be rolled into films, molded into trays, cups, or bottles, or used in oxygen barrier pressure-sensitive adhesives. In packaging retort situations, it scavenges oxygen trapped within the package so that when the packaging returns to room temperature, virtually no oxygen is left inside to spoil taste or food quality. Under high temperature and high humidity, which can jeopardize the ability of EVOH to act as an oxygen barrier, Quintier EV maintains its high barrier function. The material is a micro-dispersed complex of oxygen-absorbing resin (isoprene) in a matrix polymer (EVOH, nylon). The small amounts of oxygen that otherwise might get through the EVOH are absorbed by the isoprene resin. Absorbency is one-way. A chemical reaction traps the oxygen molecules.



Benefits Summary

o Oxygen permeability close to zero (less than 0.1 cc/m2/day at atmospheric pressure). Can substitute for aluminum in barrier applications. o Transparent. Microwavable. o Maintains high barrier function even in high-temperature and high-humidity environments, which can compromise EVOH. o Scavenges oxygen as well as acting as a barrier. o Same processability and mechanical properties as EVOH or nylon matrices. o Suitable for film, thermoforming, and bottles. o Extends food shelf-life, maintains freshness, and preserves taste of food. Reduces food waste. more

Development Summary

Zeon has completed the preparations necessary to enter mass production with Quintier EV/SV, and can produce industrial quantities on demand. more

IP Summary

Patent information has not been disclosed.

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