We are looking for non-destructive and easily implemented technologies or devices that can evaluate the corrosion (and measure any thickness of corrosion) of the steel structure inside a thermal power plant. This will help in implementing rational, cost-effective maintenance work and inspection schedules. We would like to measure:

  • Corrosion conditions inside buried piping (diameter: phi 100 mm or less, depth: about 30 m).
  • Corrosion situation of steel pipe piles and steel sheet piles installed on the shore of a port.
  • Corrosion situation and paint status of the main bearing girder and other bearing girders of a piping bridge, etc. (span length: about 50 m).


Currently, we evaluate corrosion by measuring the thickness of steel by using an ultrasonic thickness gauge.

  • Pipes deeply buried in the earth are measured by excavating their surroundings. However, we cannot inspect where we cannot excavate or where human hands cannot reach.
  • The parts of steel pipe piles and steel sheet piles that are submerged in water (sea water) are measured by divers.
  • Long structures such as bridges are measured by using a scaffold.

We currently evaluate the deterioration of paint by external visual inspection. Therefore, we cannot quantify the underlying deterioration to determine appropriate repair timing.


The proposed solution must satisfy at least one of the bulleted evaluation items.

  1. The corrosion situation (corrosion amount, corrosion rate) of the steel material should be confirmed.
    • Technology that can inspect even where the pile cannot be excavated or where human hands cannot reach.
    • For areas that are submerged in sea water, techniques that can inspect without the need for divers.
    • For long facilities, such as bridges, technologies that can inspect without the need for scaffolding.
  2. We are looking for technologies that can evaluate paint deterioration and help schedule paint repair.
    • Proposed solutions need not be limited to tensile adhesion or impedance measurement.
    • We are interested in technologies that can evaluate deformation followability, air permeability, and the water permeability of the paint layer.

Possible solution areas:

We are currently considering the following ideas, but your proposed solutions need not be limited to them.

Nondestructive inspection equipment for deterioration of:

  • port facilities
  • plant piping
  • roads and railway facilities
  • bridge facilities
  • underground facilities

Desired Timeframe:

Within 12 months

Field Of Use and Intended Application:

Nondestructive inspection of steel structures

Desired Outcome:

We need to clarify the development process of the proposed solutions within FY2017.

In the absence of finished products, we can act as a joint development partner.


In case the proposed solutions are in the early stage of technology development, we will consider joint development.

Proposals from inspection service companies with innovative evaluation systems or new inspection technologies will also be considered.

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