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Microbiome Solutions for Soil Health-Image depicting hands holding soil

PepsiCo is looking for microbiome technology to improve soil health.

Nitrogen is a key requirement for crop growth and building healthy soil supports sustainable crop production. The aim of this project is to identify and validate microbiome health technologies which reduce the reliance on synthetic agrochemicals applied to and/or improve soil health in potato, oat, citrus and corn crops, whilst maintaining yield and quality.

The project output will be a microbiome technology (e.g. biofertilizer) optimized for PepsiCo’s key crops. Adoption of a microbiome technology would be driven through PepsiCo’s grower supply chain.

Specifically, we want to achieve the following:

  • Establish proof of concept that the selected microbiome technology when applied to potato, oat, citrus or corn crops addresses one or more of the following:
    • Reduces the amount of artificial nitrogen required per unit yield
    • Improves soil health (soil structure, water infiltration/water holding capacity, soil respiration/active carbon)
  • Determine efficacy of the technology at field scale
  • Determine impact of technology on yield and quality of core crops


Solution Requirements


  • Microbiome technology proven in similar crops, e.g. other small grains which may apply to oat and corn, root crops which may apply to potato, perennial tree crops for application in citrus.
  • Clear description and understanding of product mode of action.
  • Data on yield improvements, nitrogen reduction and/or soil microbiome health benefits.



  • Microbiome technology proven in potatoes, oats, citrus or corn.
  • Regulatory landscape, i.e. list of countries/regions where the product is already registered for use, and awareness of any limitations to expanding to alternative geographies.
  • Independent trial data to back company’s internal research, e.g. university or other research organization.
  • Cost benefit analysis: cost neutral or cost benefit vs current practice.

Preferred Collaboration Types

PepsiCo is open to a range of collaboration types; however proof of concept is required.


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