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  • Plastic packaging which is not disposed of responsibly can result in persistent litter in the environment
  • Biodegradable packaging that is consumed by microorganisms if littered will be less of a long term problem
  • Until the point of disposal, however, the package must function to contain the product and maintain its stability
  • Most commercial biodegradable polymers are based on polyesters and are inherently susceptible to hydrolytic degradation, even without the presence of microorganisms


Need Description

  • We are looking for a biodegradable polymer (soil and/or marine water) which will retain its physical properties when in contact with sterile aqueous formulations for up to 24 months at 38C
  • No component of the coating should be extractable into an aqueous formulation inside the package
  • The aqueous formulations will cover pH range from 3 – 9 and water content from 10-90%
  • We prefer one solution, but would consider separate solutions which cover certain pH ranges
  • The polymer should be thermoplastic
  • Preferably processable by extrusion coating to give a flexible, non-tacky film.
  • Possibly also processable via coating and drying of an aqueous dispersion


We Are Looking For

  • We would prefer an “off the shelf” solution which is commercially available
  • We would also consider emerging technology as a possible co-development
  • Only non-confidential information is acceptable


We Are NOT Interested In

  • Non-biodegradable materials
  • Oxo-degradable materials


Please note that only non-confidential information describing the method, current use and IP can be accepted for review.

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