Diglycerides can be reduced or removed from palm oil via DuPont’s novel enzymatic method that does not create free fatty acids and consequent product loss. Removing diglycerides changes the crystallization of the oil and its melting point, valuable properties to control when palm oil is used in baking, food preparation, and margarine manufacture. The method uses liquid acyltransferase rather than a highly specific diglyceride hydrolyzing enzyme.

Benefits Summary

  • Reduces or removes diglycerides from palm oil without loss of product.
  • Particularly important to palm oil used in margarine manufacture.
  • Removing diglycerides affects the crystallization of the oil and its melting point so that they are better suited to margarine production and other food preparation processes. more

Development Summary

The DuPont acyltransferase technology has been operated at laboratory scale to remove diglycerides from palm oil. Further study may be necessary to determine the point in the palm oil production process that is most beneficial and cost-effective to reduce or remove diglycerides. It is possible that enzymatic removal of diglycerides using this technology could be further improved in specificity via molecular engineering.

IP Summary

This technology is supported by 3 US patents. more