This organization is seeking dry cleaning solvents, water replacements or water additives that could be used in the home to remove soil from domestic laundry while decreasing or eliminating the need for water.  Technologies should be non-toxic and capable of removing soil common to consumer fabric usage.  In addition, the technology should allow for recycling of the solvent or additive through removal of the soil.


Professional dry cleaning operations use a variety of solvents to remove soils from clothing or other textiles with minimal or no water; however a suitable in-home dry cleaning solvent is not widely available.  Use of existing industrial solvents may not be feasible due to the toxicity of the solvent, both in handling and in potential for spills during the cleaning process.  This organization would like to find companies or research institutions with commercial or in-development solvents, water additives to reduce the amount of water required or other water replacements that may be suitable for use in low-water or waterless in-home laundry.


Solutions should:

  • Be compatible with safety regulations for consumer contact.
  • Be capable of being scaled to an industrial production level.
  • Be able to remove common household stains or contaminants.
  • Be reusable through removal of the soils from the solvent of additives.

Solid, water-based or non-liquid technologies are not of interest.

Possible Solution Areas:

Solution areas of interest include but are not limited to existing industrial dry-cleaning solvents, water replacement technologies, water additives to decrease water requirements, new chemistries with soil-removing properties.

Desired outcome of the solution:

Looking for partners to supply or further develop an applicable technology.  Technologies of initial interest may be sampled for efficacy and suitability.