Description of TechNeed and its operating parameters:

This organization is seeking commercially available technologies that assess a user’s health in the way that can be used to personalized nutrition. Solutions may come from a wide variety of technology areas, but device must be non-invasive and for non-professional use.

In order to provide personalized health services, this organization is interest in providing health/wellness assessment insight to their clients.
Therefore, they would like to identify currently available, non-invasive technologies that provide an objective or quantifiable measure of well-being.


  • Non-invasive objective measurement of overall health
  • Scientific or clinical validation/data
  • Commercially available or near commercial availability (1-2 years)
  • Must have regulatory approval in the EU or be able to provide a clear understanding of a potential regulatory pathway in the EU

Areas of Interest:

  • Skin/Transdermal Testing
  • Saliva/Breath Testing
  • Genetic testing (of lower interest)
  • Other: such as body temperature, eye scan, etc.
  • Relevant non-biological assessments (e.g. quality of life) 

Possible Solution Technology Areas:

  • Consumer & Health Spa Devices
  • Apps

Possible Solution Providers:

  • Companies with commercial products
  • Startup companies
  • Clinical device provider with potential to become at-home device in the next 1-2 years

Desired outcome of the solution:

Be able to purchase a non-invasive health assessment device.

Field of use and intended applications:

At-home use

Previously attempted solutions: