We are seeking a small imager with exceptional low-light sensitivity and fast processing.


More new vehicles are including multiple cameras for safety and maneuvering.

Such cameras must operate effectively in low-light conditions, perhaps viewing an area illuminated only by a marker light or possibly by ambient light only.

We are seeking new, innovative camera technology that requires only a small footprint (for example, lens and supporting electronics) within the vehicle and that provides enhanced low-light sensitivity.

We’re interested in any proposed approaches.


  • Enhanced low-light sensitivity
  • Small footprint
  • Sturdy enough for vehicle use

Possible solution areas:

  • Mobile phone technology
  • Depth-of-field technology
  • CCD research

Desired Outcome:

Ideally, you would propose a low-light camera with a small physical and electronic footprint.

Desired Timeframe: Within 12 months

Annual Revenue: More Than $500 Million

Company Type: Commercial (Publicly Held)

Field of Use and Intended Application: In-vehicle use

Licensing Terms:

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