Advice from yet2 for Challenging Times

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yet2 is a sponsoring partner of Innovation Leader. We recently participated in an article on how R&D and innovation leaders can adjust to the difficult business environment we’re facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is an excerpt of Advice for Challenging Times.

“With company priorities changing seemingly overnight, innovation teams must find the best approaches to creating value in challenging times … Find out how to grow your [innovation] initiative, use software to manage remote teams, and pivot quickly to prove your value.”

Use Open Innovation Tools to Pivot

yet2 suggests using open innovation as a tool to pivot to meet short-term needs. For examples, yet2 has supported Ford, as they join forces with 3M and GE Healthcare and lend their manufacturing and engineering expertise to expand production of urgently needed medical equipment and supplies to fight the pandemic. yet2 has assembled a proactive team to submit technologies to Ford via their open innovation portal to try and help accelerate their efforts and continue to submit technologies to other clients looking to meet production needs of medical or protective equipment.*

Other recommendations in the article discuss:

  • Growth in the low-touch economy
  • Business as usual
  • Five questions to ask to avoid overcorrecting in a downturn
  • Six ways innovation software can help you thrive during remote work
  • Shifting the focus of your idea challenges during COVID-19
  • Seeing beyond this tipping point: utilizing an innovator’s approach to strategy
  • Collaborating on the front line against coronavirus
  • COVID-19: How R&D responded & what we learned for future outbreaks
  • Strategic innovation in times of crisis
  • The biggest asset to your company during uncertain times


Additional COVID-19 articles on Innovation Leader

Like many organizations (yet2 included), Innovation Leader has launched a page for COVID-19 related articles.

Innovation Leader’s COVID-19 resources include on-demand webcasts, podcasts, and articles. These caught our eye:

*Since the article was published in Innovation Leader, yet2 partnered with the Alder Hey Innovation Centre and launched the Alder Hey open innovation portal focused on sourcing innovative alternative healthcare supplies and solutions to help beat COVID-19. We are also working on projects that involve assessing home-based remote monitoring technology on COVID-19 patients, anti-viral formulations and surfaces and more.

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