• Philip Morris International (PMI) receiving many innovation-related suggestions through email, social media and directly to employees
  • High number of enquiries and channels of communication made it impossible to track progress of potential partnerships and protect the company from IP contamination

yet2 Strategy and Role:

  • Development and management of Open Innovation Portal that offers a single point of entry for innovations. This would include IP anti-contamination systems
  • Solutions vetted by the multi-discipline team at yet2. Ensures information quality, non-confidentiality and business relevance
  • Interesting solutions passed to specific business areas using intuitive backend system – PMI can ask for more detail or safely engage with submitters via yet2


  • yet2 developed and managed a custom Open Innovation Portal and SSO-integrated backend system for PMI
  • Marketed via PMI homepage, yet2 website, search engines and social media campaigns.
  • Submissions vetted by yet2 Interesting submissions sent to the correct PMI business area using intuitive backend admin system
  • PMI able to safely engage with submitters via yet2: initial conversations, NDAs, confidential discussions


  • Allows PMI to receive R&D solutions via single point of entry. Vetted by yet2 to ensure non-confidential and worth PMI investment of time. Allows them to then safely engage with partners via yet2.