Leveraging an Open Innovation Portal to Build an Innovation Ecosystem

Join our webinar on 9/26, featuring speakers from Mondeléz International and SnackFutures

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Many large companies have open innovation portals. Some of these OI portals exist simply to collect ideas and protect the corporation against IP-contamination. And then there’s Mondeléz International. The snack food and beverage manufacturer has two separate open innovation portals that play a key role in the company’s strategic initiative and mission to empower people to snack right. These portals also serve as vital components in the company’s commitment and process to building an innovation ecosystem that incorporates startups, small brands and more.

On one hand, the story of Mondeléz’s two open innovation portals is unique and may not be applicable to other organizations. On the other hand, it can serve as a blueprint for how and why open innovation can be a facilitator for corporate strategy. SnackFutures, the company’s new innovation and investment hub “has three tenets: invent, reinvent and venture” and was “designed to disrupt the traditional consumer packaged goods model.”

We have the pleasure of hosting and moderating a webinar on Thursday, September 26, 2019 at 11am ET that will feature three innovation leaders at Mondeléz International and the company’s SnackFutures group. Our guest speakers are:

  • Paula Angeli, Open Innovation and Knowledge Management, Mondeléz International

Paula manages the global open innovation portal for Mondeléz and works with Mondeléz’s external partners in Latin America.

  • Mel Gaceta, director, Ventures at Mondeléz International

Mel is responsible for making and managing strategic investments in support of Mondeléz’s growth strategies. He has nearly two decades of experience in corporate venture capital investing.

  • Brigette Wolf, global head of SnackFutures Innovation at Mondeléz International

As the global head of SnackFutures, Brigette is the key architect in the building of a multi-functional ecosystem consisting of internal experts and cutting-edge external partners around the world to drive innovation in a new way.

The webinar will be moderated by yet2’s Innovation Services Manager, Brienne Engel. Brienne works with a diverse client base here, focusing on technology scouting searches, strategic dealflow services, and client portal services.

The webinar is complimentary, but there are limited seats available. Register today to claim your seat!

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