Meet the yet2 Team – Jesse Obeto Omondi

Associate Project Lead

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This is part of a series of ‘meet the team’ blog posts where we highlight members of the global yet2 team. We recently spoke with Associate Project Lead, Jesse Obeto Omondi.

Jesse OmondiHow long have you been at yet2?

This is close to my third month at yet2, so I would say I am still within my first quarter of a year at yet2.

What industry or technology interests or excites you the most right now?

I am genuinely fascinated with the Innovation industry at large, especially innovation science. Beyond its paramount utility in today’s hypercompetitive global economy, I have always enjoyed the process of creating new solutions for people. What better way to make the world a better place than find a better way!

The process of realizing completely new ways of solving problems in a sustainable and competitive manner is both challenging and exciting. The challenge lies in the ever-changing variables that need to be accounted for but the joy of making progress no matter how small is overwhelmingly thrilling. Whether I am reading about it, trying it out on my own, or helping others figure it out, I feel great joy to be a part of the process. Bringing a method to the madness and guiding what was once serendipity to strategy is quite enjoyable to me.

What type of client engagements do you enjoy the most?

So far in my time at yet2, I have only been part of about five projects and successfully concluded one just recently. This makes my perspective of client engagements comparatively narrow. However, so far, the best client engagement is when the client is genuinely happy and excited to discover a new perspective to solving their problem. Some people do not quite enjoy presenting, but for me it is quite enjoyable, especially to see their faces light up in an almost exclamatory, “I never thought of that.”

Presenting, though sometimes nerve-wracking, is enjoyable because you can finally take a moment to talk to people who are just as interested in solving the problem at hand as you are. The back and forth, the criticism, occasional skepticism, and final convergence of ideas is a beautiful dance to me.

Do you have any book recommendations?

Sincerely, I was not much of a reader before, but I am working on it. Of the books I have read hitherto these really stood out (not in any order):

Simon Sinek – Infinite Game. Offers perspective to leadership and lifestyle seeing beyond immediate and short-term gains and competition to thinking across generations and working to serve a purpose that works across multiple generations, cultures, and economic cycles.

Jim Collins – Good to Great. This was one of my first good reads that made me understand that a good leader brings growth to their organization/team while they are there but it dissipates once they leave however a great leader leaves behind an organization/team that grows continuously even upon their exit.

Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist. A fictional adventure of a young man that speaks to one being the master of their fate. This kind of speaks to why I like the poem Invictus by William Ernst Henley.

Jordan Peterson – 12 Rules for Life. Liked this book because of how well the arguments are put together to help give some thought on how to live a better life in spite of the challenges it brings forth.

Are there any areas/topics in which you consider yourself an expert?

I doubt if there is anything I’d really consider myself an expert at, to be honest. If there is one subject that I feel I have put a lot of thought and research into is on identifying ways to foster prosperity in developing economies, especially in my home country. Judging by how passionately I delve into this topic, I may consider myself somewhat of an expert. Besides that, one usually gets the feeling that the more you know the more you realize you don’t know so I can’t confidently claim to be an expert really.

What do you do when you are not working?

When I am not working, I enjoy going out with friends, playing basketball or golf, or just unwinding and catching up with family. Other times I find myself toying with different ideas in my mind while I enjoy a sunrise, a walk, or just some peace and quiet on my own.

Who are your most played artists?

I frequently listen to J. Cole, Stormzy, and funny enough Adele.


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