Meet the yet2 Team – Paul Crosnier

Associate Project Lead

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Associate Project Lead Paul Crosnier playing field hockey

This is part of a series of blog posts where we highlight members of the global yet2 team. We recently spoke with Associate Project Lead, Paul Crosnier.

How many years have you been at yet2?

0.048 years

What industry or technology interests or excites you the most right now?

The evolution of thinking by pharmaceutical companies has been interesting to watch in recent years. Instead of trying to find new drugs to address diseases, there has been a new wave of strategies to repurpose or indeed optimize known therapies. An example would be the work done by Nobel prize winner Tu Youyou, in which she showed that a traditional Chinese medicine was an effective antimalarial. The extraction of the active ingredient, Artemisinin, was crucial in the development of medication against malaria. I believe there are still many exciting discoveries to make with known drugs that have unknown secondary uses. Structural and biochemical approaches will be vital in the elucidation of these novel therapies.

What type of client engagements do you enjoy the most? 

For me, listening to a client and tailoring my subsequent search to their need is the most exciting way to do business. Understanding the potential challenges to a project, finding ways to navigate these, and delivering a polished final product is a constantly iterative process that I aim to optimize. Central to this is a deep appreciation and reactivity to client feedback, especially in the fast-moving world of innovation.

More casually, getting to know the client and their personality can be a rewarding experience as this helps you understand their need. The Kickoff of any project is an excellent opportunity to set the tone for the relationship you plan to build, and I’d use that opportunity to build the foundations of a trustful relationship.

Do you have any book recommendations?

The “Gone” series by Michael Grant is my all-time favourite series. A town of students suddenly sees all parents disappear and a dome appears around the town. Initial puzzlement turns to fear, then to anarchy with the reader following the plights of the different group leaders, as well as sub-characters. As for non-fiction, “How to Clone a Mammoth” by Beth Shapiro explains the process as well as the reasoning behind de-extinction in a fun and fluid manner.

Are there any areas/topics in which you consider yourself an expert?

After spending a year in the lab during my Masters year, I’d like to think I can answer most questions about inflammation in response to pathogen sensing. How the pathogen is sensed, the intracellular signaling pathways, and the response to infection are very much my forte. More widely speaking, I have a keen interest in epidemiology and disease control probably as a result of the recent pandemic.

What do you do when you are not working as an Associate Project Lead?

My free time is divided between playing hockey, going out for meals and drinks, and occasionally fishing. I love the team spirit of hockey as well as the fitness it provides, which is ironic seeing as the opposite attributes are true of fishing.


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