NIST PSCR 2019 Public Safety Broadband Stakeholder Meeting

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I recently attended the NIST PSCR 2019 Public Safety Broadband Stakeholder Meeting from July 9th-11th. I was very honored to get to speak on one of the featured plenary panels where I discussed a project yet2 did for NIST on the benefits of prototyping devices for first responders in virtual reality.

This was a great event to not only hear more about NIST’s work and advancements, but also to hear directly from first responders about technology that will make their job easier and safer. The conference was a mix of over 500 industry professionals, academic researchers, NIST personnel, and first responders from across the country. Interacting with these first responders, hearing both their frustrations about current technology and their excitement for future technologies, was a great reminder about the real-world impact of our work.

Three things that made me excited:

  • Differential Privacy – PSCR’s 2018 Differential Privacy Synthetic Data Challenge helped to create open source algorithms that turn real data into synthetic data in order to protect privacy, but still provide valuable insights.
  • Hyper-Reality HelmetsYang Cai at Carnegie Mellon University is developing low-cost 1D lidar that can be used to provide Hyper-Reality scene processing in smart helmets for first responders.
  • Authentication Processes for First Responders – First responders often need to access sensitive information and systems, but can’t go through a cumbersome authentication process in time-critical scenarios. NIST is working to push the field of authentication forward in safety critical application.

yet2's Megan Waldock at NIST PSCR 2019




yet2 is very excited to be part of the PSCR network. First responders are such a vital part of our communities, and we love getting to help bring them technologies that make their jobs easier and safer.

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