On-Demand Webinar: The Intersection of Sustainability & Open Innovation

Featuring Panelists from Colgate-Palmolive, NASA, PepsiCo, Signify & yet2

How is open innovation shepherding sustainability in some of the leading organizations worldwide? That was the primary question put to the panelists in the webinar, The Intersection of Sustainability & Open Innovation, which is now available on demand.

After the live event, one attendee, Arlene Cotie, sustainable AG – innovations lead at Bayer told us, “This webinar provided useful learning as to how other companies are thinking about sustainability without having to invest a week at a conference.”

How do sustainability and innovation fit together? yet2.com

Anne Bedarf, packaging sustainability manager, Colgate-Palmolive, Steve Rader, deputy director for the Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation, NASA, Sameer Talsania, senior manager, external innovation, PepsiCo R&D, Ronald Maandonks, head of public and private partnerships, Signify, and Megan Waldock, senior project leader and southern region lead, yet2, addressed:

  • How their organizations are overcoming cultural hurdles to work with competitors on sustainability initiatives
  • How sustainability and open innovation work together
  • How to break down siloes
  • Examples of partnerships involving multiple organizations addressing specific sustainability challenges

Watch the recorded webinar on demand.