Sustainable packaging innovations, trends, and insights

yet2 conducts dozens of scouting projects a year on new packaging technologies and innovations.

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By far the most common scouting topic yet2 sees is around new packaging technologies and innovations. We conduct about a 1-2 dozen projects a year scouting on behalf of our clients for new sustainable packaging materials and technologies such as coatings, films, water and oxygen barriers, and more. Over the course of work, we’ve identified over 8 key dimensions of sustainable packaging including reduced (e.g. light weighting and design), reuse/refill, biodegradable, recyclable, and more. It’s a topic almost all of yet2’s clients are interested in and we continually scout and find new promising startups and packaging technologies coming to market.

Contact Us to discuss the other key dimensions we’ve identified, or read about what we’re seeing in new packaging technologies and innovations in our most recent case studies:

Download our Case Study: Breakthroughs in E-Commerce Packaging to learn how yet2 leveraged their network in Asia to identify new e-commerce unboxing trends gaining favor with consumers.

Download our Case Study: Scouting for Sustainable Packaging Solutions to learn more about how yet2 helped a client scout for promising disruptive technologies that work with established recycling pathways.


Relevant Packaging Projects from yet2

Seeking: Sustainable food packaging with barrier properties

Seeking: Innovative e-commerce packaging

PepsiCo Seeking: Connected packaging

PepsiCo Seeking: Food packaging reuse models and platforms

Mondelez Seeking: Thermal protective packaging

Unilever Seeking: Better recyclability of aerosol packaging

Unilever Seeking: Sustainable packaging materials for ice cream

Unilever Seeking: Sustainable packaging for dry foods


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