Plastic Production System that Reduces Resin Use

Featured Technology Deal – Uses 25% less resin
Plastic production system reduces resin use by producing bi-axial or mono-axial orientation.

The Smittie™ technology produces predictable bi-axial or mono-axial orientation in polymer materials to achieve exacting performance requirements.

The technology involves the design and automated production of plastic polymer materials or final products using web extrusion, casting, thermo-forming, or vacuum-forming.

Applications include packagine, health/medical products, consumer products, industrial products, construction sheeting.

The invention achieves its performance improvements by producing bi-axial or mono-axial orientation in polymer materials.

There is no need for stretching during cooling. This eliminates expensive equipment, curbs energy use, reduces need for highly-skilled labor, and shortens set-up times.

For more information on this technology, contact Emma Hughes at yet2’s Liverpool, UK office.

The Smittie technology works by controlling the shape, dimensions, and frequency of molded-in or imprinted grooves or cross-sectional shapes on one or both sides of a web. It does not require energy-intensive cooled rollers.

The grooves and shapes change the structural geometry of the polymers in predictable ways.

The technology can control directional stiffness or flexibility, achieve site-specific or full-web performance characteristics axially, transverse to, or both, to the flow of materials.

The technology can increase the adherence of dyes, adhesives, medications, fragrances, anti-microbial agents, pesticides, and similar materials by increasing the surface area of the polymer.