A Rewarding Retreat on Cape Cod

Earlier in the year you will have seen posts regarding our trips to Europe, and the exciting new projects we have been exploring.

Last week we decided to round up the whole yet2 global team for our annual offsite meeting in Boston, MA. We then traveled to Cape Cod, where we were treated to fresh-caught buttery lobster, played some intense games of volleyball, and relaxed on the sand with our feet in the ocean.

Between the fun and games, we managed to squeeze in a day and a half of strategizing. The main reason for our trip was to connect and exchange new ideas, while enhancing the existing offerings and processes. As a truly innovative consultancy, it is key that we share ideas and continually learn, as this approach will put us in the best possible position to help our clients innovate as well as harbor a culture at yet2 that serves our clients’ needs for novel solutions. CEO, Tim Bernstein, notes that the passionate discussion around this goal was his favorite part of the three-day event. In the coming months, yet2 looks forward to sharing these promising approaches and ideas with you, and learning about some of your challenges.

Should you be reading about yet2 for the first time you may not clearly understand what we do, and why we have such wide variety of clients in various locations. In brief, yet2 have been operating in the area of Open Innovation since 1999, we are well experienced technical & commercial consultants with varied in house capabilities allowing us to provide a unique and value adding experience. We take an approach that sets out to proactively grow & protect your organization, while priding ourselves in bringing a completely different edge to how challenges & aims are solved.

Wherever you are based, yet2 would love to hear from you, learn about some of your areas of focus and present the opportunities we offer to provide clear & tangible solutions.

Please feel free to have a look at the pictures of our offsite in the meantime!