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New custom engineered material for O-rings, gaskets, and seals for extremely high-pressure, high-temperature environments exposed to harsh chemicals and solvents.

Baker Hughes is seeking companies that need O-rings, seals, gaskets, and similar parts made from ExPhite™, a new custom-engineered composite material.

ExPhite composite is intended for sealing applications where the operating conditions are high temperature (500°F–1000°F), high pressure (>1000 psi) and where resistance to harsh chemicals and solvents may be required.

Both the material and the final shape can be tuned to the application requirements.

ExPhite samples are available as coupons or buttons. Contact Bob Miller at yet2’s Newton office.
The basic specifications are:

  •  Temperature: to 1000°F (538°C)
  •  High-pressure applications: >1000psi (6.9MPa)
  • Compression strength: up to 15KSI (103 MPa) or higher
  • Thermal shock resistance: maintains high-pressure sealing integrity (>3000 psi) during thermal cycle between room temperature and 1000°F
  • Elasticity: >6–40%
  • Deformation strain: to 60%
  • Hostile gas tolerance: H2S, CO2, H2O, SO2, H2
  • Chemical fluid resistance: acid pH<4, brines, solvents, and corrosive media
  • Self lubricating: provides low coefficient of friction, enabling dynamic seals

Contact Bob Miller for more information.

Download a PDF data sheet.

Current Searches:
yet2 is searching for solutions


Foods and functional ingredients that provide better sleep and wake-up.Better sleep is a goal all over the world.

This company wants to find foods, ingredients, additives, supplements, and similar food products that help provide better sleep.


Mediation of mass transfer to maintain constant delivery rate in the presence of declining material concentration.

Interest is in passive, constant-rate delivery mechanisms (diffusion, evaporation, etc.) under ambient conditions of lactic acid over a two-to-four-week period, without requiring any replenishment, such as adding water.

Current Tech Offerings:
Technologies for license or sale

Novel cyclic polyolefin plastic with high insulation property, chemical and heat resistance.

New Cyclo-olefin resists a wide range of chemicals, making it useful in a variety of medical devices that require sterilization. It offers strong resistance to polar solvents such as esters and ketones, along with acids and alkaline solutions.

Inexpensive, flexible mica paper substrate for photovoltaic cells and similar devices in roll-to-roll applications.

The result is a substrate that is cheaper and easier to manufacture than a steel substrate, stronger than a glass substrate, and makes more efficient photovoltaic cells than a polymer substrate.

Contactless rotary joint/Contactless sealing system.

The biggest drawback of commonly used rotary joints originates from their feature of having frictional sliding faces that decrease energy efficiency, decrease part life, and increase labor costs for replacement. This invention eliminates these problems.

Important Needs and Technologies:
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LiDar sensors for 3D terrain mapping. This organization is seeking LiDAR sensors for 3D terrain mapping at a variety of planetary destinations, with and without atmospheres.

Solutions should be small, light, and low-power and should show reasonable performance for both range and data capture rate.

All other things being equal, preference will be given to a LiDAR sensor that is eye-safe. However, the primary sensor performance factors are mass, power, size, and performance significantly outweigh the benefits of eye-safe operation.


Non-invasive/non-contact biometric sensors for continuous health monitoring application.

We are looking for a collection of non-invasive and non-contact sensors, along with appropriate hardware or harness to power and network them, and software to analyze the collected information.

The purpose is to monitor a driver’s physical condition and general health by recognizing any developing conditions before they become problems.

In tests, the accuracy of sensors has been negatively impacted by conditions such as quantity and type of clothes being worn, seat trim, vehicle vibration, natural driver movement and weight-shifting, in-vehicle speaking, and other normal human activities.


Methods to prevent product stickiness caused by interaction of active ingredients and thickeners.

This organization is seeking a method for preventing the interaction of positively-charged active ingredients with negatively charged thickening agents.

Such interactions lead to an undesirable tacky product feeling and consistency. While it may be possible to substitute thickening agents, preference will be given to solutions where this is not required.

Featured Technology Search:
Simply suppress fires


Passive fire extinguishing equipment for power and communication cables in a cable tray.

 We are looking for a simple solution that can use a passive sensing method to automatically detect and extinguish a fire in power / communication cables arrayed in a cable tray.

Such fires can be caused by an over-current condition of the cables in the tray. These trays are covered by a fire retardant sheet, but this does not extinguish the fire.

The insulation material of the cable is a cross-linked polyethylene or similar. The exterior cable sheath is made of flame-retardant vinyl, or a similar material.

We believe that when a cable experiences an over-current condition, it heats the cable and thermally decomposes the inner insulating material, which emits flammable gas, triggering the fire.

It is necessary to extinguish a cable tray fire immediately. Cable tray installations are widespread, in power plants, in factories, and in communications facilities.

Cable trays in these facilities may extend for as long as 2km (both horizontally and vertically). Typical tray size is 1m x 0.3m x 2,000m, for a total volume of 600m3. Fire suppression may need to take place over the entire length of the tray run.

For more information on this need, contact Hidenori Takeuchi at yet2’s Tokyo, Japan office.