Top 5 Technology Scouting Topics of 2021

Most popular scouting topic areas across 150+ completed projects in 2021

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Top 5 Technology Scouting Topics in 2021

As we wrap yet2‘s 23rd year in business, we’re very thankful for strong partnerships with our customers and their continued commitment to Open Innovation. We completed over 150 scouting projects in 2021 and a record number of deals on behalf of our clients. These are the Top 5 technology topic areas we scouted in, with a few example projects highlighted:

Personalized Health


Machine Learning/Software to Aid Decision-making


Sustainable/Circular Packaging


Functional Food Ingredients


Bio-based Polymers


You can read about all of our Active Projects here. We look forward to another exciting year for Open Innovation in 2022!

yet2 leverage our global network of affiliates, our online technology marketplace, a proprietary database of several million promising startups and solution providers, and our offices in North America, Europe and Asia to scout cutting-edge companies and technology beyond the reach of most clients. Domains of team and network strength include life sciences and health, chemicals/materials, consumer/OTC/food, sustainability, aerospace/defense, packaging, electronics, oil/gas and energy, digital/big data, industrial, and automotive.

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