Vote for yet2’s Blog Post on Sustainability for the 2019 Business Innovation MVP Award

Voting open until Nov. 25, 2019

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Megan Waldock, a senior project leader and southern region lead at yet2, has a blog post, “Sustainability Solutions: Driving Factors and Key Innovationsnamed a finalist for the 2019 Business Innovation MVP award.

We need your help to make sure Megan’s post wins this award! Voting is open from now until November 25th. You can vote for Megan’s blog post here.

Business Innovation Brief brings together the “best content from hundreds of industry thought-leaders.” The MVP awards – Most Valuable Posts – are judged by the organization’s readers, award committee, machine intelligence, and social media. Business Innovation Brief’s MVP Awards recognizes the posts that “provide the most value to industry professionals – useful and actionable information, that is tactical or strategic in nature, providing either long-term or short-term value.”

The program committee that judged the submissions and decided on Megan’s post as a finalist included:

  • Tamara Ghandour, founder & president, LaunchStreet
  • Ankush Chopra, professor of strategy, School of Management, Fribourg
  • Janet Sernack, founder, ImagineNation

Megan’s blog post delves into the complexities of sustainability, and examines the driving forces and key innovations areas in:

  • The social impact of innovation in sustainability
  • The environmental impact of innovation in sustainability
  • The economic impact of innovation in sustainability

Our team is extremely proud of the work Megan is doing for yet2 clients and congratulates her on this public recognition of her insight on innovation in sustainability.

PS: Don’t forget to vote for Megan’s post!

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