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A yet2 client is seeking advancements in technologies that allow the delivery of frozen products directly to consumers at ambient temperatures. Technologies could include insulated outer carton or cooling systems or any innovative approach or unknown technology that will allow frozen products to stay frozen (maximum temperature of -18 ° C) for 28-36 hours in ambient environments.


The exponential growth of direct-to-consumer meal kits and other food products have required companies to take a closer look at transportation and packaging logistics. Many companies rely on ice packs and rapid ground delivery to maintain temperatures at safe thresholds, although new packaging methods are needed to maintain very low (-18 ° C) temperatures for direct-to-consumer frozen food transportation. This organization has experimented with a variety of different packaging components to try to maintain temperatures of frozen foods for 28-36 hrs. Although polystyrene in combination with dry ice have met minimum requirements, there are safety risks associated with delivering packages with dry ice to consumers, as well as questions around the sustainability of using polystyrene. Thus, this organization seeks novel and innovative packaging solutions that will maintain a -18 ° C temperature for 28-36 hours in ambient environments for delivery of frozen food products to consumers, without using (or minimizing the use of) these two materials


Components will:

  • Allow products to maintain -18oC temperature for 28-36 hours at ambient temperatures (delivery vehicles are non-refrigerated)
  • Be safe for consumer exposure
  • Be sustainable (e.g. recyclable or other sustainability approaches)
  • Preferentially be cost-effective and optimized for the volume/weight of frozen product being shipped

Possible Solution Areas:

Insulated outer carton packaging

Cooling systems

Complete frozen delivery systems/infrastructure

Desired outcome of the solution:

Technology licensing or purchase

Development through partnership


Field of use and intended applications:

Shipping/transportation of frozen food products directly to consumers.

Previously attempted solutions:

  • Polystyrene Lining
  • Vacuum insulation panels
  • Straw Panels
  • Paper Insulation
  • Corrugated Insulation
  • Freezing products to a lower temperature prior to shipping
  • Coolants: Dry Ice, Saline Cool Packs, Freezer ‘Bricks’

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