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This project is no longer open for submissions.

Suntory seeks to help consumers manage their energy needs throughout the day based on their personal requirements and in harmony with the individual’s health needs.

The aim is to develop solutions with potential academic or industrial partners.


Suntory’s intention is to help shift people’s mindset more towards proactively keeping well. As much as this is already well embedded in the eastern philosophy, the western world is still a few steps behind.

The ultimate goal would be to design and manufacture a range of beverages tailored to people’s DNA specific needs – assuming DNA testing will be available to a large part of the population in the not so distant future.

They are passionate about wanting to offer a holistic solution that promotes each individual’s health. Suntory would like to create this beverage range as part of a bigger solution that includes exercise, meditation and other ways to proactively keeping well.

Part of the development journey could be to identify technologies, such as apps & digital platforms that are already providing health and nutritional advice and to link our future beverage offerings into the nutritional advice these apps are likely to provide.

Suntory is not aiming to provide pharmaceutical solutions, but they do aim to have credible science supporting our product range. This means proven efficacy and supporting scientific evidence is important to them.

Ingredients linked to showing positive health effects after not only one intake but over the course of a longer period may be a good fit (e.g. EGCG).

Since the holistic approach is also of high priority, we are open to exploring several ingredients and technologies simultaneously, targeting different health aspects such as gut health, metabolism or mental well being.

Suntory would also like to help consumers on an emotional level, i.e. with the motivation to “be good.”  This means they would also consider approaches that are based on the science of emotional and mood triggers connected to respective neurotransmitters (endorphins etc.) and/or hormonal pathways.

Preferred Collaboration types

To be negotiated: open for consultant, joint development with academia partner as well as commercially available solution

Additional Information

Suntory would like to receive the following documents/information with your proposal.

  • Overview of company/academia
  • Executive summary of proposal
  • Clinical study data
  • Scientific article
  • Stability data of active ingredient
  • Patent document/status
  • Product specification


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