Looking Ahead to the Open Innovation Summit 2018

April 25 – 26, London

The Open Innovation Summit, takes place this week in London, and yet2 will be participating as a sponsor. The event, which is co-located with the Chief Strategy Officer Summit, is at etc. venues St. Paul’s. Our team of Roddy MacCallum, Edward de Paz, and Lucy Davies will be attending the sessions and meeting with fellow attendees of the show. We asked the yet2 team about the presentations they are most excited to attend.

How Innovation Will Deliver a Smoke-Free Future, by Dr. Moira Gilchrist, VP, Scientific & Public Communications at Philip Morris International. Philip Morris International (PMI) is going through a period of seismic change. They are quite literally giving up cigarettes and putting over $3bn of resource into delivering on their commitment to a smoke-free future by focusing PMI’s future on alternative products for people who smoke.

Key to delivering this change has been PMI’s R&D teams led by 400 qualified scientists based at their Cube innovation center in Switzerland. In her presentation, Gilchrist will discuss how science and innovation has enabled PMI to develop a range of smoke-free products that will ultimately end the sale of cigarettes and impact public health.

Why we’ll be at this presentation: This is a fascinating idea and story – the ultimate corporate reinvention. Not only will it be interesting to hear how they are innovating to deliver alternative products to people who smoke, but we’re intrigued to learn if they will be extending their thinking beyond smokers. Plus, PMI is a yet2 client – we manage their Open Innovation portal.


GSK at a Glance – Our Story in Driving Growth via External Partnerships by Dr. Kate Gransden, director, external innovation. Dr. Kate Gransden and Professor Paul Castle discuss how GlaxoSmithKline is driving growth through developing external partnerships.

Why we’ll be at this presentation: We believe the best approach to innovation involves working with others. When companies keep innovation “inside” they risk limiting themselves to just their industry or region and miss out on potential solutions that could have major impact. GSK is also a yet2 client; as with PMI, we manage their Open Innovation portal.


Harnessing Innovation in Lloyds Banking Group, by Jehangir Byramji, head of Fintech, Innovation Labs at Lloyds Banking Group.  Byramji’s role is to lead Lloyd’s Banking Group’s engagement with Fintech and early stage ventures to create potential transformative innovation for the bank.

Why we’ll be at this presentation: Fintech is a hot and growing area. It’s innovative and disruptive. Lloyd’s Bank was founded in 1765. It will be interesting to hear this stalwart of industry’s take on innovation, technology and disruption.

Will you be attending the Open Innovation Summit? We’re running a competition for show attendees. Stop by table #9 and complete a form to be entered to win a topic-specific technology scouting project from yet2. The deliverables include a technology needs analysis, a dedicated project team with discipline-specific expertise, a global scout and search for tech-ready solutions, and five deal-flow opportunities within scope and on target. The winner will be selected at the close of the show on Thursday, April 26, 2018.