yet2 provides a fully customized open innovation (OI) portal and submission management system aligned with your corporate branding and messaging, helping you attract and discover new and emerging technology and market opportunities.

Our platform benefits from 20 years’ experience and is constantly refining and improving the user experience and removing the client pain of Corporate OI Portals.

See some examples of our client OI portals:

Mondeléz InternationalAltria launches open innovation portalSanofi CHC launches open innovation portal

yet2 manages and maintains Pepsico's open innovation portalyet2 manages & maintains SnackFutures open innovation portal

yet2 manages Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's open innovation portal

Creating an open innovation portal is a core element for companies looking to compete in a fast moving and truly global technology marketplace, but maintaining momentum and managing the portal can be challenging. This is where yet2 comes in.

Success is dependent on 3 key elements that yet2 is uniquely positioned to provide:

  • Effective, purpose built online software
  • Expert resources to manage all portal interactions
  • Visibility/Access to global networks

Our experience in portal management stems from our early days managing our own yet2 marketplace and our innovations in this service continue today.

We provide our clients with the turnkey software system, latest expertise ensuring the most effective online functionality and global reach into rich technology and business networks.

yet2’s OI Portal provides:


  • Build & hosting of a fully customised OI portal aligned with your corporate branding & message
  • Technology & Needs promotion, personalised FAQ, T&Cs, process flow and customised communication with submitters
  • A flexible user experience and access levels (open or password protected) customised for target audience e.g. internal employees, suppliers, externals etc.
  • An integrated submission management back-end, tracking all activities & providing customizable two-way communications with submitters


  • Collection of relevant information from submitters to enable a clear understanding of the opportunity
  • Saving on your resources on filtering & evaluating submission responses, only needing to engage with the worthwhile candidates
  • Single point of entry yet2 ensures no confidential information is passed to your company & you are protected from contamination


  • Marketing of your portal & content via the established yet2 global technology marketplace, other crowdsourcing networks & support for your own PR mechanisms